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Our Story

When a company has a relatable, relevant story to tell, they should sew it into every aspect of their marketing campaign so it becomes synonymous with the brand. This is why we want to make sure our story defines the purpose, vision, and philosophy of Ironclad Partners, LLC.

Our goal is to acknowledge the industry need for positive change ensuring our public image aligns with our core values: loyalty, integrity, enthusiasm and transparency. Please review our story below and help us identify ways to improve the language, wording, outline etc.Inspired by Proverbs 27:17, Lance and Joe changed the game. As iron sharpens iron, their servant leadership extends to the manufacturer, the customer, their employees and the men and women who’ve served our nation. Founded on Loyalty, Integrity, Enthusiasm & Transparency, Ironclad’s complete agency approach fosters growth through dedicated service.

Not Your Industry Standard

Progressive Sales Management is a dynamic firm representing quality manufacturers in the plumbing and HVAC markets. We are proudly represent manufacturers in representing their products and services throughout PA, NJ, MD, DE, & VA. Our mission is very clear; We strive for excellent Relationships! We are fueled by Growth! We deliver Results! Our commitment to dedicated service feeds our passion to never settle for complacency, making Progressive Sales Management the best solution to partner whether you are a wholesale customer, contractor, industry professional or manufacturer.

Fostering Growth through Dedicated Service

Joe Kuklis, President of Progressive Sales Management, has 20 years of experience combined in all channels of our industry. Initially Joe learned the value of the tradesman by working with a local plumber in NE PA cleaning coal burners

After graduating from Millersville University in 2003 with a BS in Applied Engineering and Technology Management, the technology field led the way for a successful career spanning from wholesale counter sales to executive team role of vice president. As a national sales director of manufacturing, he was able to build relationships at the top level of wholesalers.